The future of substation management.

SASensor® is the most widely adopted Centralised Protection and Control (CPC) system on the market for primary substations, with more than 4 million hours of reliable use in the field.
Centralisation of protection and control does not only benefit increased reliability and availability of your grid it also improves safety and optimises of Total Cost of Ownership.

• Sensors provide accurate, high-speed, time-synchronised measurements within your substation.
• Centralizes a wealth of high fidelity, real-time information, ready for data analytics.
• Software driven - easy to update and future proof.
• Simplified architecture dramatically reduces substation engineering and wiring.
• Easy to install, configure, re-configure and expand.
• Simplicity drives down Total Cost of Ownership.


SASensor® is a digital substation automation system comprised of a high-performance central computing unit (CCU) capable of providing protection, control, monitoring, communication and assets management

function by collecting the data those functions require. SASensor® uses accurate, highspeed, time synchronised measurements within your substation. 

Basic functions


• Control
• Monitoring
• Measurements
• Disturbance recording
• Time synchronization

Fail-safe operation


• Automation
• Protection
• Power quality monitoring
• Redundant configuration
• Fault location determination

Advanced functions


• Single point of access
• Cyber secured access (VPN)
• Interference free fiber optic cables
• Integrated single Human Machine Interface (HMI)
• Robust design for longevity

With only 5 types SASensor® does not only great simplify substation engineering it also drive optimization of total cost of ownership (TCO).

SASensor® benefits:
- 35% less identification, specification, configuration and testing effort
- Single access point improves cyber security
- Limited maintenance maximizes availabillity
- Lower number of stock keeping units
- cost savings due to less devices and up to 80% less copper wiring
- Future proof with all functionality in software
- Scalable to optimize SASensor® to your application
- Reduction of Customer Minutes Lost (CML) by 30% due to precise fault location determination

Use cases

SASensor® CPC is the most widely adopted Centralized Protection and Control (CPC) system on the market for primary substations, with more than 4,5 million hours of reliable use in the field, with installations in countries including the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Estonia and Sweden. 

Our clients benefit from for the software defined centralized automation and control platform for substations which integrates protection, control, automation, communication and measurement functions. SASensor® CPC provides a future-proof, upgradeable, innovative solution that improves efficiency, increases asset performance and provides better insights and smarter information about the grid.


CMI/CML reduction Alliander

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Back to simplicity at Ellevio

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End to end testing at PNDC

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National Grid, the UK electricity and gas transmission company, has been using Locamation’s SASensor® system for more than 25 years. Now it has decided to upgrade to the latest SASensor® CPC control equipment, adopting the new HSR communication protocol and migrating the system onto the latest software release. National Grid is therefore benefiting from a fully updated, software defined centralized substation control, measurement and automation system - all with the shortest possible outage times and keeping the original engineering like in place.


Alliander Heinsberg Netz GmbH is the municipal distribution grid operator in Heinsberg. The company has chosen Locamation’s SASensor® CPC as part of a major initiative to modernize and refurbish its traditional protections relays, with a competitive and future proof solution, which will enable it to cope with the rapidly changing way the grid is used. This is being triggered by the “Energiewende” centralization of generation, increased volatility of supply and demand, the increased dynamics of protection settings and new protections in the future. Alliander also plans to use the data for preventive asset maintenance, thus avoiding unplanned outages. The company has chosen SASensor® CPC as the most advanced Centralized Protection and Control system available, to remotely automate the operation of its substations.


SGTech Europe 2017

Join us at SGTech Europe in Amsterdam March, 28-29 2017 and gain first hand information from partners and customers of the world largest and most innovative roll-out of SASensor® CPC.  

Meet with our experts on how SASensor® CPC can become today your industrial internet of things platform - measure, control and operate your grid while improving your assets at optimal cost.

Gain a preview into our roadmap and meet our R&D innovations.

Learn how you can benefit today from the flexibility of a fully software defined intelligent grid and how data insight transforms your substation into the platform you need to drive performance, reliability, safety, security of your assets.

 SASensor® CPC is delivering that future, right now.

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